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Books & Courses

Browse through the World Love Books selection and upcoming courses to learn more about what can be offered to you and your life. There is a variety of content to assist you in your path, wherever you might be in your journey.

World Love Books

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Journaling - Your Secret Tool in the Workplace

The benefits of journaling can be found not only in personal development but also in professional development.  There is a strong trend of entrepreneurs keeping a journal. 

The focus and creativity that comes from writing anything to everything career-related may be the missing key ingredient to your success.

Training & Events

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Introduction to Spiritual Intelligence 


Conscious Evolution: Where the Universe is Going & How to Join the Journey

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Spiritual Intelligence Coaches Certification Course

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Emotional Intelligence: Foundations of Spiritual Intelligence SQ21 Course

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All 3 Classes for Spiritual Intelligence Coaches Certification

Office Conference

Spiritual Intelligence: The Leadership Skills Beyond Emotional Intelligence

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