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Books & Courses

Browse through the World Love Books selection and upcoming courses to learn more about what can be offered to you and your life. There is a variety of content to assist you in your path, wherever you might be in your journey.

World Love Books

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Journaling - Your Secret Tool in the Workplace

The benefits of journaling can be found not only in personal development but also in professional development.  There is a strong trend of entrepreneurs keeping a journal. 

The focus and creativity that comes from writing anything to everything career-related may be the missing key ingredient to your success.

Training & Events

Spiritual Intelligence Coaches Certification

The Certification Class is intended to train coaches, consultants, spiritual directors, therapists, ministers and faith leaders, and others who are interested in teaching and/or coaching content related to spiritual intelligence using the SQ21 model. There are Continuing Education Credits available for some licenses.

Spiritual Intelligence: The Leadership Skills Beyond Emotional Intelligence

It is now well accepted that effective leadership takes more than high IQ. In the past two decades, Daniel Goleman’s groundbreaking work on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been widely embraced by business. But in today’s complex business environment, even EQ is not enough to meet the challenges of modern leadership.

Conscious Evolution: Where the Universe is Going and How to Join the Journey

Would you like to have some hope that the world is NOT falling apart? That maybe all of this craziness is going somewhere? Well join Cindy for this workshop and you''ll be inspired and hopeful for yourself and the planet!