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Mastering Your Nervous System as a Spiritual Practice To Become a Calm Presence- Live Class

This live course takes a spiritual practice lens to help you learn to navigate your nervous system. Incorporation of Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Experiencing, self-compassion, the Law of Three and spiritual practices.

This will be an experiential course with time to practice with partners. This will give you a deeper experience of listening deeply within yourself, the environment and with another. The exercise for your self and your partner will help you develop a deeper sense of presence that will begin to transform your relationship to yourself and others.

As you do this work for yourself you will become a clam and healing presence in your work, relationships and be in conscious service to the world.

The live class begins on January 31, 2023 at 9 am PST and will meet for 4 weeks. Recordings will be available yet it is so much more powerful to do in the group live.

ONLY 7 Spots Left!


Veronika Tracy-Smith, PhD, PCC, NBC-HWC weaves her years of training as a psychologist, executive, spiritual health and wellness coach as well as somatic experiencing and polyvagal practitioner. She is the co-founder of Raising Consciousness NOW and Consciousness NOW TV She has numerous classes and offerings on Soulful Coaching NOW Join her in this course as part of your sacred service in the world!

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