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Why Leaders, Managers and CEO’s Need Coaching

No one needs to tell you that the world is rapidly changing. Keeping up with all the pressures of a small or large business while maintaining life balance is at the top of the list of challenges for most Executives and business owners. Creating the space to keep up with your multiple roles, expectations from stakeholders, direct reports, and business trends all the while maintaining bottom line success is challenging in the best of times.


The Harvard Business Review reports that 2 out of 5 CEO’s fail in their first 18 months. Top executives who feel that they can handle it all by themselves are more likely to burn out, make poor decisions or make no decisions – potentially resulting in significant loss of opportunities, human resources and financial resources.

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Individual & Group Coaching


Coaching is a way to maximize your personal development, set goals that are deeply integrated with your values, handle obstacles creatively and reach the goals that are important to you. An exploration of what brings deeper meaning to your life and how to achieve balance in all areas of your life while living in a busy world. The coaching agenda often includes: creating a vision, incorporation of values clarification, identification of strengths, career, relationship and personal development in designing the life you were meant to live.


Veronika and Debbie provide deep and meaningful psycho spiritual exploration to maximize your growth and transformation.


Many people come to coaching to deal with life transitions they would like to make or are currently experiencing. It is a place to set a vision for the current and future chapters in your life with a thought partner who can skillfully guide you through the upheavals of change with a laser focus.


There are many people coaching without any education and/or credentials. Debbie has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and has been a psychotherapist for 28 years. She has training as a personal and executive coach . She is also a Certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach and trainer.


Group for Empaths - Intuitive Feeling People

Veronika also does group and individual coaching with Empaths/Highly Sensitive person and strong Intuitive Feelers. She is an empath and know the challenges of living in a highly stimulating world and has much to share to help you live a happier less bombarded life.

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Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
Executive Coaching & Leadership Development


Debbie and Veronika provide training to meet the needs of your leadership team. They are both Certified in the Leadership Maturity Framework and the Maturity Assement Profile. We have many years of experience in working with leaders and providing education that will move your team forward through the stages of team life. The challenges are many in working together and we can help you understand the process every team must go through and how to navigate around the difficult parts for a strong, motivated and accomplished team.


Executive coaching can help you and your employees personally transform, develop cutting edge leadership skills that can help drive change and create results for your business or organization. We help you develop your greatest potential, integrate skills of emotional and spiritual intelligence, gain valuable interpersonal, managerial and executive competencies that help you and your team feel more engaged in your company and happier in their careers, optimize your key strengths.


It is well known in the industry of Executive Coaching that your Return On Investment (ROI) is 5 to 7 times your original investment. Isn’t it time you invested in yourself to become the cutting edge leader you know yourself to be? Let us help you achieve your vision for yourself, your career and for those you lead.


Marshall Goldsmith in an interview with by Harvard Business Review stated, “15 out of 16 people see massive positive change” from executive coaching, but the person has to want to change and do the work it takes. Having an executive coach is like having a thought partner that can help you think through new ideas, and analyze outcomes prior to implementation, saving your company time and resources. You can learn to manage stress, vent feelings and develop the multiple intelligence that will increase your effectiveness in your executive role.


We have unique set of skills in adult development, multiple intelligence, personal, executive and spiritual intelligence coaching. With this we utilize a unique set of assessments to get to the heart of your leadership skills, develop a vision, set goals, work with your team, work with obstacles both internal and external to create cutting edge success.

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Mentor Coaching


Veronika Tracy-Smith, PhD is a mentor coach for those who want to transition into a career of coaching. Many professionals come to a place of transition in their career and want to give back in another way. If you have considered a career in coaching call or email Veronika to talk about a transition into a coaching career. Also for those coaches that would like and/or need to get the 10 hours of mentor coaching required by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Veronika can provide this. She is an ICF Registered Mentor Coach and has had many years of supervising and training new therapist and coaches.

We provide training for coaches and therapist who can gain Continuing Education Credits. See our latest class Coaches Certification for Spiritual Intelligence.

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Female doctor Physician Well-Being
The Leader in helping California Multi-Specialty Physician Leaders Regain their Sanity

Dr. Veronika also works with University Medical Hospital Physicians to help them better navigate the systems they work in and create a program for positivity, health and well-being. These Physicians report having a more balance life with a feeling for long term sustainability, health and well-being.

California Physicians who own multi-specialty clinics work with me when they feel lost and out of control with the challenges of owning a business, managing staff, handling business and personal finances, while balancing family life and their own health and well-being.

These challenges can cause constant stress for Physicians. Specifically:

  • It’s hard to be a physician, manage staff and other providers, and balance all of that with family demands.

  • When physicians don’t have the support to manage their practices properly, income is sub-optimal, staff turnover can be too high, and everyone experiences the feeling of constant chaos.

  • Many physicians share with me the high emotional and physical toll of stress caused by drama at home and work.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.  When physicians work with me, they regain control and oversight of their practices, and their business runs smoothly again.

  • For instance, you institute the right provider to patient ratios to achieve increased profits and revenues.

  • You create a culture shift that reduces staff turnover while creating more stability and harmony.

  • You also develop a strategy to balance work and life, stop feeling overwhelmed, and regain energy, fulfillment health and well-being.

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Woman & Doctor

Unlike other physician advisors, I have a proven track record. I’ve helped multi-specialty clinic physician/business owners turn their businesses around with 30 - 50% revenue increases. My clients have a firm grasp of their role as business owners, and understand how to lead their practices effectively. They also hire managers, staff and other providers specific to the needs of their clinic and specialization, and retain them. Most importantly, they tell me they don’t experience the levels of stress they did before we started working together. They also report that they have made the changes to sustain their own health and well-being.

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Wellness Coaching

Wellness & Well-Being Coaching


Most people want to feel good on a daily basis. We want to have balance and peace in our lives at home and at work. Have you ever met anyone that would say this is not important to them? Science is showing that when we maintain a balance; mind, body and spirit, we are more productive and effective in all areas of our life. If you are a leader or employer you will want your team to take time off, have a fitness program and a healthy diet so they are more effective when they are working with you.

Many people want to be physically fit and in shape, however, less than half of the population knows how to create sustainable change. How many diets or workout routines have you started in your life and still you put the weight back on. Yes, we all know this struggle.


Long hours and never getting away from email and phone calls can take a toll on us. The long-term effect of stress can be devastating on our bodies, our mental, emotional and spiritual selves as well. Being out of balance is so much part of our culture that we think it is normal and that is why having someone who supports a perspective of health and wellness is essential for change. While there are some people who are capable of doing this on their own, most people require another person to motivate and monitor their progress for sustainable change. This is where wellness coaching comes in.


What Is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is working with a professional coach to help you evaluate your overall life balance in all areas; mind, body and spirit. We find tools to lower the stress you experience in your life, motivate you towards sustainable change in the areas you would like to change and monitor your progress. We help you incorporate your goals into your daily routines.


We understand the importance of a well-rounded life and incorporate the 4 intelligences into all of our coaching. Many people in leadership roles seek out wellness coaching to help them better deal with the stress of their position and to prevent burnout. We consider the 4 intelligences, or areas to target for balance as physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual intelligence. When you have initiated an exploration and balance of all four you create more peace, contentment and lower sense of stress in your life. Often our clients report feeling like they are living the life they have always envisioned.


Contact us today to set up your wellness coaching journey today!

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